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About us.

Shyfter is an ultra-dynamic start-up, created on the basis of an HR need at the core of its business: the planning of work schedules and the monitoring of activities.

After two years of development and on the field testing, since 2019 we have been deploying our services to hundreds customers and in many different industries.

In 2021, our solution will continue to improve in order to respond to the many changes in the world of work, such as the strong growth of telecommuting and the digitalization of HR processes.

For our customers.

A solution that revolutionizes the way you plan your staff and employees, ultra intuitive, developed and improved on the field.

Many brands trust us, in the field of retail, events, restaurants, and many other sectors.

A very flexible eco-billing system allows you to adapt the costs of our application according to your activity.

bureaux shyfter