About Shyfter

Shyfter is an HR-Tech SaaS company founded in 2019.

Shyfter focuses on solving staff scheduling problems with its state-of-the-art web and mobile applications.

In a few words, Shyfter saves a lot of time by optimizing all the boring tasks related to employee scheduling and HR. Available in several languages, Shyfter focuses mainly on optimization and decision support in terms of schedule management.


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At the cutting edge of technology

Shyfter focuses its features on two levels. The first is the optimization of personnel scheduling and the second is the management of human resources.

Shyfter allows for more efficient staff scheduling. With the primary focus on time savings, most clients are saving an average of more than 5 hours per week while better planning and controlling staff costs.

One of the unique features of Shyfter is that most of the legal rules are pre-encoded, which helps to avoid scheduling errors (excess hours, breaks, working time constraints, etc.).

Shyfter also takes into account staff skills, task management, site planning, and time and attendance (on site and on the road).

Shyfter provides its customers with an ultra-modern and ultra-intuitive interface to make managing schedules almost fun.

The start ... a personal need

Shyfter’s SaaS solution was born out of a need of its founder, who was experiencing problems managing employee and student schedules in a franchise operating in the food distribution sector.

He created software in 2017 to better manage his employees’ schedules. It quickly became a success with other franchisees of the group.

A team on fire!

The team is growing and Shyfter.co now has several dedicated teams working hand in hand.

The “Development” team which is in charge of the constant improvement of the tool.

The “Sales” team takes care of all new customer requests.

The “Customer Experience” team that answers, trains, helps and cherishes our customers on a daily basis.

The “Marketing” team that makes sure to remain at the forefront in terms of communication and image (but not only … we can not reveal everything).

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Our mission: to save you time

Our main goal is to provide you with a range of state-of-the-art features that will save you time by avoiding errors and double-coding. We also want to make it fun to manage staff schedules and HR.

Flexible schedule management

Save an incredible amount of time with our online planning software. Let your staff book the shifts that work for them.

Staff with fixed hours

Thanks to our schedule templates, schedules are made automatically. All you have to do is manage leave and absence requests.

Time registration

You record the working time of your employees in a non-intrusive way from our time and attendance applications on smartphones or tablets.


We have connections to POS, payroll engines, accounting software, …