Schedules available 24/7 with the app!

Schedules at your fingertips

A dream for your employees, their schedules are always available on the mobile app.

Shift booking

A shift becomes available, or an urgent need for staffing? Just send a “Free Shift” alert and the schedule will magically fill up.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Absences Disponibilités  Shyfter

Cancellation requests

A last minute cancellation or a request for time off, everything can be solved quickly with the mobie Shyfter Staff app.

Realtime Notifications

Your staff is notified in real time of changes and updates to their schedules.

Mobile application for schedule management

Your schedules are available everywhere and at any time.

No more Whatsapp or Messenger groups to let your employees know their schedules. Everything is carried out on the mobile application.
Vos équipes ont accès à toutes les informations nécessaires au bon déroulement de leur journée de travail.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Automations Shyfter

Shift booking

Send free shifts directly to your teams’ smartphones. They will be able to book them directly on the application.

The ideal way to quickly fill your schedules or to compensate for a lack of personnel.

Shift booking and scheduling

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schedule modification request
Logiciel de gestion horaires - Absences Disponibilités  Shyfter

A problem?

Your employees can make requests to cancel their shifts via the app. You receive these requests in your web interface and you decide to approve, cancel, transfer or even put them on hold, everything happens automatically.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Absences Disponibilités  Shyfter

Your employees are notified of changes

No need to notify your employees one by one in case of changes, the alerts of changes arrive directly on their smartphone. No more excuses, they will all be notified in real time 🙂

mise à jour des horaires
clocking application

Time tracking

Record the real working time of your employees.
Breaks are also recorded and you also have the possibility to record the different tasks performed throughout the day.


The manager is able to see who is working and where they are working!

It is important to have an overview of the daily activity.
With the app, you know exactly who is at work and where they are. The GPS location is configurable.

Suivi en temps réel du personnel
They already save a tremendous amount of time every day