Rêve Bivouac, the nomad camp

A crazy ephemeral bar, the equivalent of Burning Man but next door.
With its 4000 square meters, its different bars and restaurants, it is the “place to be” of the summer. Its unique and magical atmosphere transports you for a drink in another world where everything is lightness without filter.

In this video, Kevin tells you all his little secrets about how he uses Shyfter to manage his staff of about 50 people.

Managing staff schedules

All staff are scheduled either via free shifts that they book directly via the app or according to predefined schedule templates. “In terms of planning, we save a lot of time. No more Excel”, says Kevin. 
As far as ease of use is concerned, the fact that you can select a shift and move it to another person or another day, coupled with pre-recorded schedules, saves a lot of time.

Export of timesheets to payroll

The fact that you can easily export your timesheets to your payroll software is also very appreciated. It is true that not having to do double encoding allows not only to avoid errors but also to be able to do the payroll in a few seconds. In the daily management of an event company, it is very important to be on top of the digitalization.

Dimona and automatic contracts

Bivouac also regularly uses Dimona and automatic contract generation in full mode. 
As soon as a shift is placed on the schedule, Shyfter makes several checks on the contracts and Dimona.
If the collaborator (employee or student) does not have an active contract, Shyfter creates one with the shift data. A second check is made at the level of the NSSO for the Dimona. If no Dimona is detected, a Dimona is created in the process.
The signature of the contract can even be done directly on the scoreboard.

Who would you recommend Shyfter to?

“To all the people who are in the hotel and catering industry, but not only … as soon as there is planning or personnel management, Shyfter is a tool that will be efficient. Shyfter can be applied to any sector, as soon as there are teams and they need to manage all the personnel more efficiently, it’s a tool that will allow them to optimize all that…”


Flex Schedules

Do your staff’s schedules change all the time?
Choose Shyfter and easily adapt your schedule to the rhythm of your activity.

Fixed Schedule

Are your staff schedules almost always the same?

Time and Attendance

On a tablet or smartphone, your employees can clock in and out of the office.