Construction and building industry.

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Plan your different teams.

Break down your schedules into different sections or work areas, assign tasks for the day.
Let the site manager record attendance for employees and workers via our clocking in tablet app.

Create schedules for small, medium or large teams easily and in minutes.
Export timesheets for each entity and each client.

Get the right worker at the right place.

Organize your schedules by projects, customers or departments.


Thanks to our time clock, calculate exactly the time worked for each of your employees and avoid any fraud.

Employment contracts

Digitize your documents in one place. Create contracts, send them automatically and have them signed online.

Time Clock

Our application designed specifically for multi-level clocking takes care of logging and monitoring the time worked by your staff.

Task scheduling

Assign tasks for each session of the day, the ideal system to meet your deadlines and keep your teams on track.

24/7 Available

Each employee can check his or her schedule at any time. He knows when and where he is working at all times.

Custom reports

At the end of the job, create your own reports to monitor the activity of each job and customer.

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Track your employees' hours on a daily basis.

With our daily counters, you can track your employees’ performance day by day.
Sorted by sections, departments or even by customer type, create your own views with data from the schedule or clocking data.

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task planning tool
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Create your tasks directly in your account.

Each task you create can then be assigned to one or more shifts. The details of each task are displayed in the shift details of the day.