Create your own custom reports

Activity reports

All your company’s activity summarized in several customizable charts..

Control of work time

Check that everything is in line with your employees’ daily activity.

Excel Exports

All our reports are available for download in MS Excel format, which is the best way to print them and make your own statistics.

rapports d'activité

Activity, absence and recovery timers.

Aside from the schedules that are available 24/7 on the mobile application, interactive alerts can be sent either by e-mail, SMS or as notifications directly to the smartphones. This avoids your staff forgetting their schedule, ideal for students, interim workers, …


Track your employees' hours on a daily basis.

With our daily counters, you can track your employees’ performance day by day.
Sorted by sections, departments or even by customer type, create your own views with data from the schedule or clocking data.

Rapport d'avtivité

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rapports d'activité

Export all your data in MS Excel format.

All data in our reports can be downloaded in Excel format, ideal for creating additional statistics or charts.

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