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all types of business.

Shyfter is a SaaS software for planning and managing staff schedules.
From 5 to 500 employees and no matter what industry you are in, Shyfter adapts to your organization and the way you work.

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It’s not easy to organize the shifts of a team: chefs, clerks, wait staff, etc.
Save templates of weeks and the schedule is automatically built with legal constraints and breaks.


Events & catering

No time to manage schedules and planning? Employees, externs, students, that’s a lot of people to schedule. Shyfter organizes your schedule at lightning speed!



Take advantage of operational views and features developed specifically for the fast food industry.
Calculate your day-to-day productivity and schedule tasks.


Supermarkets & retail

Whether in the retail or distribution sector, every day can bring new problems or new constraints regarding staff schedules and plannings. We know them and manage them for you.


Service companies

Organize the schedules of your teams, whether they are at clients or on the road. It becomes a child’s play to respect their availability.

Clockings with GPS or QR-Code are a real asset.


Other type of companies

With our free scheduling module for hourly staff, you can create schedules for the year in a few clicks.

The leaves and absences management is fluid and without worries.

Our mission: to save you time​

Our main goal is to provide you with a series of state-of-the-art features, allowing you to save time by avoiding errors and double-coding. We also want to make it fun to manage staff schedules and HR.

Flexible working hours

Save an incredible amount of time with our online planning software. Your staff books the shifts that are most convenient for them.

Staff with fixed hours

Thanks to our schedule templates, schedules are build automatically. All you have to do is manage leave and absence requests.

Time registration and clocking

From our time and attendance applications on smartphones or tablets, you record the working time of your employees in a non-intrusive way.

Absence and leave management

Track your absence counters to the day and digitalize your staff’s leave requests.

Work contracts

Shyfter centralizes contracts and work documents. The documents are signed online. They are accessible 24/7, both for the employer and the employee. Important documents are always at the fingertips.

Productivity calculation

Log your turnover and Shyfter will calculate for you how many people you need and when. This will optimize your payroll.


One of our priorities is to be ultra-connected. We have connections to POS payroll engines, accounting software, …