Hotel and Spa Industry


Staff scheduling management designed for the hotel industry.

Break down your schedules into different sections or work areas, assign tasks for the day.
Let the site manager record attendance for employees and workers via our clocking in tablet app.

Create schedules for small, medium or large teams easily and in minutes.
Export timesheets for each entity and each client.


Features designed and adapted for hotels.

Rules & Constraints

The legal restrictions of your collective convention are integrated into your account. Shyfter calculates everything for you.

Time Clock

Install our digital time clock and start logging your employees’ worktime,

24/7 Available

Each employee can check his or her schedule at any time. He knows when and where he is working at all times.

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No need to know everything, Shyfter takes care of everything.

Shyfter calculates the minimum shift times, rest times and even breaks for you in accordance with your collective agreement and your joint committee. You will always be covered and 100% legal. And it’s up to you, you can even force shifts.

conventions collectives et paritaires
tablette de pointage

Time Clock / Badge Machine 2.0

Monitoring the work time of your employees allows you to verify punctuality and compliance with schedules. Thanks to the worksheets reports, you protect each other in the event of litigation.
Each employee has his own personal PIN code.


Your schedules are available everywhere and at any time.

No more Whatsapp or Messenger groups to let your employees know their schedules. Everything is carried out on the mobile application.
Your teams have access to all the necessary information for a smooth working day

Mobile application for schedule management