Legal constraints.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Contraintes Légales Shyfter

Legal restrictions on working hours

Shyfter integrates all the scheduling rules and guarantees you the addition of shifts in perfect adequacy with the rules on working time

Integration of joint committees

The majority of the joint committees with all their specificities are imported into your account.

Your schedules in complete confidence.

When adding shifts, we automatically calculate break times, minimum rest times or the duration of each shift.

conventions collectives et paritaires
Logiciel de gestion horaires - Contraintes Légales Shyfter

No need to know everything, Shyfter takes care of everything.

Shyfter calculates the minimum shift times, rest times and even breaks for you in accordance with your collective agreement and your joint committee. You will always be covered and 100% legal. And it’s up to you, you can even force shifts.


You are the boss!

In case of an overrun or a too long shift, Shyfter automatically warns you about the type of error.
At any time, you can enforce the rule to validate a shift that is not aligned

legal constraints

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