Hybrid work – How to manage this new way of organizing work?

travail hybride

Horaires flexibles

Les ahoraires de votre personnel changent tout le temps ?
Optez pour Shyfter et adaptez vos horaires facilement en fonction du rythme de votre activité.

Horaires fixes

Les horaires de votre personnel sont presque toujours identiques ?


Pointer avec Shyfter ? Rien de plus facile.
Sur tablette ou sur smartphone, vos collaborateurs peuvent pointer sur leur lieu de travail ou en itinérance.

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What if the future of work was hybrid?

According to zdnet.fr “Generation Z will soon become the largest segment of the workforce and is interested in a hybrid approach to work. That is, a split of time between home and the workplace.

74% of Gen Zers would prefer to either work from home or split their time between home and work. 37% of respondents would like to continue working full-time from home, even after the pandemic. 74% of those surveyed would like to spend “some time” working in an office or other location other than their home.”

At Shyfter, we strive to support all professionals in their team planning. With the two confinements, the way people work has changed a lot. Telecommuting and hybrid work have become the norm for many companies. However, it is important to organize it well in order to respect the distances related to health measures.
Or the maximum number of employees allowed simultaneously in a workplace.

How to do it on Shyfter?

Telecommuting can be a blur of time for an employee. With Shyfter, there is no need to count, fill out and verify your employees’ work hours. Schedules or time and attendance data will be transformed directly into performance records to facilitate the manager’s task of preparing pay slips.

In order to know who is in homeworking or not, you just have to add as new attributes “Teleworking” and “Office” and it’s done! You can then assign this to each of your employees according to where they are working that day.

Thanks to the Shyfter clocking tool, each employee will also be able to remotely clock in and out on the mobile app. Each data is recorded and can be consulted at any time by the manager.

This is a simple and quick method that allows you to have a global vision of the rhythm and presence of each employee within the company. While respecting the place of each one by alternating the collaborators in the offices!