Why implement a time and attendance system in your establishment?

pointage en société

Time clock, badgeuse, time recording device… So many different words that it is almost confusing… But then, what is a time clock, and why is it a good idea to install such a device in your establishment?

For what purpose?

In order to check the working hours of each employee, each company has the choice to use the method it wishes.

To generate the necessary documents in case of a conflict between employee and employer or in case of a control by the labor inspectorate, time clocking tools such as time clocks and badge readers are a very practical solution.

Another solution: a time management software. By establishing a schedule, calculating overtime or recording paid vacations, the software simplifies the management of human resources by alerting the employer to potential differences between the hours worked and those agreed in the employment contract. 

What the law says

According to the Belgian labor law, employers must verify the working hours of their employees both on and off the company’s premises. However, the law does not require specific equipment: companies are therefore always free to choose suitable equipment.

According to this July 2020 Echo article, “In a ruling on May 22, the Brussels Labor Court thus ruled that a dismissed female worker is entitled to overtime, even if she provides no proof.” As a result, the burden of proof for overtime lies with the employer, not the employee, unless an objective and reliable time recording system is put in place. 

What are the solutions?

A time and attendance system can be set up very easily.
With Shyfter, all you have to do is ask for a tablet to be installed in your establishment, business… The configuration is then done in less than an hour. Another solution is the Shyfter mobile time and attendance app, which requires no installation in your establishment, but only on the smartphone of each of your employees. The clocking in and out of your employees can even be done with or without an internet connection, which considerably reduces the risk of errors in the counting of hours.

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Logiciel de gestion planning

Les horaires de votre personnel changent tout le temps ?
Optez pour Shyfter et adaptez vos horaires facilement en fonction du rythme de votre activité.

Pointage et enregistrement du temps de travail

Faire du pointage au sein de votre entreprise avec le logiciel de gestion de planning Shyfter ? Rien de plus facile, en tant qu’employeur vous bénéficiez de nombreux avantages et le time management n’aura plus aucun secret pour vous ! 

Gestion des congés et absences

Vos employés ont des vacances de prévues ? Grâce à notre service de gestion et aux fonctionnalités de notre logiciel, les utilisateurs peuvent faire leurs demandes de congés directement via l’interface mobile

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