Notifications and real-time alerts.

notifications et alertes Shyfter

Shift notification

Set up a notification to be sent before each shift starts. It will be sent automatically to your employee’s smartphone.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Notifications interactives Shyfter

Automatic reminder, no more forgetting!

An email or notification can be sent the day before the shift.
Perfect for staff who do not have a fixed schedule. (students, interims, …)

notifications et alertes parametrables Shyfter

Configurable alerts and notifications

All alerts are configurable, from the sending method (email, sms, notification) to the sending time.

notifications and push alerts
notifications et alertes Shyfter

Always up to date!

Aside from the schedules that are available 24/7 on the mobile application, interactive alerts can be sent either by e-mail, SMS or as notifications directly to the smartphones. This avoids your staff forgetting their schedule, ideal for students, interim workers, …

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