How much does Shyfter cost?

Fair billing.

You only pay for what you use,

All included!

No hidden fees, no hidden optional packages.
You have access to all features right from the start.

No contract.

With us, no contract that binds you for months, you arrive and leave when you want.

$ 3

per user
and per month

One price, no contract.

Simulate how much Shyfter will cost you 🙂

Know exactly how much your schedule will cost you?
We have even better, will we show you how much money you will save per month!

How many employees do you have?

20 employees

1 +100

How many hours per month you spent managing your schedules & HR tasks?

8 hours

1h +30h
What is hour average hourly rate? $ per hour

You have 15 employees and you spend more than 40 hours per month for your schedules,
It costs you more than 2000 per month, quite big no?

With Shyfter, you will save at least 30 hours/month, you will pay 3,80 per employee (only if they are planned).

Shyfter will cost you
90 / month
You will save at least 1780 monthly!
Ask you account right now!

The price is 3$ per scheduled user per month. We call a scheduled user, a person in your team who has been put on the schedule, whether it is an absence shift or a work shift. You can have 100 employees in your team, if you plan 11, it would cost you 11 x 3 = 33$ ex.VAT for the month.

You will receive an invoice at the end of the period, generally a period equivalent to one month of use. If you start on April 15, you will be billed every 15th of the month.

We accept credit cards like Visa / MasterCard but also SEPA transfers. We prefer this second option, just enter your bank account and a direct debit is automatically set up.

They already save a tremendous amount of time every day