Track your productivity

Plan the staff you really need!


Your planning virtual assistant

Shyfter shows you hour by hour how many people you need to schedule. This way, you optimize your salary costs while keeping the right workload for your employees.

Shyfter also gives you the expected turnover, which allows you to closely monitor your profitability.

Turnover evolution

We provide a maximum of information so that you can follow the evolution of your turnover easily and give you the possibility to make more in-depth analyses.


Weekly productivity

All productivity information is displayed in the control panel that you use to manage your business.

On a single screen, you can check the number of hours in the schedule, the total cost of your staff and your turnover.
Based on this data, Shyfter is able to calculate a productivity index.

This index is calculated on the planned hours or the hours worked and with the different formulas that are used in your sector of activity.

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