Restaurants en bars HORECA

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The schedules of your restaurant managed like a Chef!

Not easy to organize the shifts of a team: Chefs, clerks, room, bartenders …
With Shyfter, make your life easier and free up your time to focus on your business and customers.
Record weeks templates and the schedule is built automatically including time restrictions and breaks.


Tailor-made for your restaurants and bars.


Regroup your HR information and transfer it to the social security office or your payroll management software.

Legal constraints

Not always easy to manage the legal rules in your schedule. We take care of everything for you.

Payroll Statement

Manage your worker declaration directly from your schedules or work contracts.

Clocking & Time clock

Chefs, clerks, waiters, you can measure the exact time worked for each position.

24/7 Accessible

Each employee can check his or her schedule at any time. He knows when and where he is working at all times.

Last minute replacement

A last minute cancellation? Send a reminder to all your employees, students, interims, …

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Shift booking

Send free shifts directly to your teams’ smartphones. They will be able to book them directly on the application.

The ideal way to quickly fill your schedules or to compensate for a lack of personnel.

Shift booking and scheduling
mise à jour des horaires

Your employees are notified of changes

No need to notify your employees one by one in case of changes, the change alerts are sent directly to their cell phones. No more excuses, they will be notified in real time 🙂


Time Clock / Badge Machine 2.0

Monitoring the working time of your employees allows you to check punctuality and compliance with schedules. Thanks to the work report, you protect each other in the event of a dispute.
Each employee has his own personal PIN code.