Retail and distribution sector

Retail, magasins, alimentation

All your schedule restrictions in good hands.

Whether it is for the retail or distribution sector, every day you are confronted with new problems, restrictions and various hassles concerning your schedules and staff schedules.

Developed directly on site, you will not only gain in efficiency but also in productivity.

Schedule the right employee, at the right place.

Organize your schedules by department, section or department.


Thanks to our time clock, calculate exactly the time worked for each of your employees and avoid any fraud.

Employment contracts

Digitize your documents in one place. Create contracts, send them automatically and have them signed online.

Legal constraints

Shyfter takes care of legal restrictions, overtime calculation or flexibility management.

Clocking tablet

Our application designed specifically for multi-level clocking takes care of logging and monitoring the time worked by your staff.

24/7 Available

Each employee can check his or her schedule at any time. He knows when and where he is working at all times.

Last minute replacement

A last minute cancellation? Send a reminder to all your employees, students, interims, …

Try Shyfter for free

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Automations Shyfter

Your schedules on autopilot.

The dashboard gathers all the most useful information for the management of your activity: the scheduled staff, the stress level, the geolocation, the free shifts to take and many others!

Logiciel de gestion horaires dashboard Shyfter

Clocking tablet

WIFI network and a simple plug, that’s all you need to install our tablets. The tablets come pre-configured, just plug it in and your employees can start clocking in directly.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Absences Disponibilités  Shyfter

Create your tasks directly in your account.

Each task you create can then be assigned to one or more shifts. The details of each task are displayed in the shift details of the day.

task planning tool