The future of employee scheduling app

Simple, flexible and ergonomic

Our tool fits your activity. Create schedules in a few clicks, the platform has been designed to be simple and user-friendly.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Notifications interactives Shyfter

Realtime Notifications

No more absences, no more forgetting, your staff is warned in advance when their shift will start. Great for those who don’t have a fixed schedule.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Contraintes Légales Shyfter

Legal constraints

No need to know all the rules related to rest breaks, maximum hours, etc… Shyfter takes care of everything for you.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Absences Disponibilités  Shyfter

Availability and leave management

At any time, you know the availability or the days of absence of your employees.

staff scheduling software

Shyfter revolutionizes staff scheduling.

Designed in the spot, Shyfter helps you plan quickly, without error, while being aware of legal restrictions and calculating your costs as accurately as possible.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Automations Shyfter

Your schedules on autopilot.

The dashboard gathers all the most useful information for the management of your activity: the scheduled staff, the stress level, the geolocation, the free shifts to take and many others!

Logiciel de gestion horaires dashboard Shyfter

Try Shyfter for free

Logiciel de gestion horaires application mobile Shyfter

A mobile application dedicated to your employees.

Schedule changes are automatically sent to your staff, absence management and leave requests are easily managed.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Absences Disponibilités  Shyfter

Management of absences, leaves, and the availability of your staff.

Manage your last minute cancellations and vacation requests. You reallocate your shifts in record time. No more phone calls, sms and endless discussions on Whatsapp to find a replacement.

Logiciel de gestion horaires, absences et congés Shyfter
They already save a tremendous amount of time every day