Service companies.

Sociétés de service

Give yourself a quality planning service!

Organize the schedules of your teams, whether they are at clients’ facilities or on the road. It becomes a snap to respect their availability.

With Shyfter, make your life easier and free up your time to focus on your services and your customers.
The possibility of clocking in via GPS or QR-Code is a real plus.

Plan according to your restrictions and the needs of your customers

Optimize your skills to better serve your customers.


Thanks to our time clock, calculate exactly the time worked for each of your employees and avoid any fraud.

Employment contracts

Digitize your documents in one place. Create contracts, send them automatically and have them signed online.

Digital clocking

With our Shyfter Staff clocking in app, you know when and where your staff is at work, all the time.

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Thanks to digital clocking, you can record your employees' working time.

By downloading our Shyfter Staff mobile app, your employees record their work time and log their break time. A very efficient tool to compare the time worked to the time planned.

Application de pointge
task planning tool

Fini les calculs interminables en fin de mois.

You will save a lot of time. All the hours that are included in your timesheets come directly from the planning datas or the clocking in datas.


Online signature of contracts

You won’t waste any more time hunting for signatures on your contracts, everything is done via a secure environment and online through our mobile application. As soon as a contract is signed, it is sent to the worker, the administrators and it is archived.

signature de contrats