Task scheduling.

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Create your own tasks

Create an unlimited number of tasks and assign them directly when scheduling your staff.

Assign tasks to your employees

Schedule tasks directly into your shifts your staff will know exactly what to do on their day.

View the schedule by task

Print your daily schedules via the linear view as a task. Fast and extremely efficient.

End-of-Task Questionnaire

Prepare scripts in the form of question and answer forms at the end of tasks. An efficient way to monitor your teams’ activity.

task planning tool

Create your tasks directly in your account.

Each task you create can then be assigned to one or more shifts. The details of each task are displayed in the shift details of the day.


Assign your tasks directly in the planning process.

It’s easy to define tasks for each of your time slots, everything happens on the same screen. Choose your task and set a start and end time.

Attribution de tâches

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gestion des tâches

A mobile application dedicated to your employees.

Schedule changes are automatically sent to your staff, absence management and leave requests are easily managed.

They already save a tremendous amount of time every day