Record your tasks
throughout the day.

Shift start notification

When clocking in and out, your staff records their activity and tasks during the day.

Question & answer form

Create a “Questions / Answers” form that your teams must fill out at the end of each task.

Export activity reports

Export a full report detailing the entire day broken down into tasks.
Great for a perfect follow-up of the work done.

Enregistrement de taches App Mobile Shyfter Staff

All the tasks are recorded.

Your teams record all the tasks they perform during their work day when they are on the spot. Perfect for tracking your business activity. They can even perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

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Create a real close-out script.

Add to each of your tasks a real script in the form of questions and answers that your staff must fill in after completing each of their tasks.
This is perfect to have the exact detailed information of their interventions.

scénario de tâches
export de des tâches effectuées

Intervention reports

Export a complete clockings report and also a breakdown of the tasks achieved.

They already save a tremendous amount of time every day