The time clock to manage your business.

Clocking tablet

Your employees clock in and out on the tablet using their personal pin code.

Picture taking

A picture can be taken at each clocking in, an easy way to make sure all is ok.

Easy to install

Install yourself time clock and download the Shyfter POS application.


Time Clock / Badge Machine 2.0

Monitoring the working time of your employees allows you to check punctuality and compliance with schedules. Thanks to the work report, you protect each other in the event of a dispute.
Each employee has his own personal PIN code.

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116-back camera

Taking pictures during the scores.

Check the identity, outfits or compliance of your employees when they are scored through photos. With each score, a photo can be saved, this option is optional but makes sure everything is in order for your staff.

Time attendance application
tablette de pointage

Installation in 5 minutes time.

WIFI network and a simple socket is all you need to install our tablets. Tablets arrive pre-configured, just plug in and your employees can directly start pointing.

They already save a tremendous amount of time every day