Employee digital
clocking app

Digital clocking

Thanks to our mobile applications, your employees can record their work time. Checking in is done in a few clicks.

Real-time monitoring

Through your control panel, follow in real time the activity and the time worked by your employees.

QR Code Scanner

Your employees are in the right place at the right time by scanning QR codes at their work location.

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Task tracking

You follow the evolution of the tasks that your teams have to perform during their work shift.

staff scheduling software

Thanks to digital clocking, you can record your employees' working time.

By downloading our Shyfter Staff mobile app, your employees record their work time and log their break time. A very efficient tool to compare the time worked to the time planned.


Real-time monitoring

From your control panel or directly on your phone, you can check at any time who is at work and where the job is being done.
Very useful when your staff does not work at the same place all the time.

employee clocking app

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clocking and time track application

Always at the right spot with QR code scanning.

For each location or customer, you generate a QR code that you can download and print. All you have to do is scan the code to clock in. A proven method to ensure that your staff is always in the right place.


Break down your day with tasks.

Your employees record the tasks they perform throughout their workday. Several simultaneous tasks are possible, the ideal way for a quality follow-up.

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