Timesheets, you will save tons of time!

Pre-filled data from the planning system

No need to calculate the worked or planned hours of your employees.

Data can be modified before sending

Adjust as you wish the hours collected from the schedule before sending.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Absences Disponibilités  Shyfter

Export to social security offices

No more double encoding and copying errors, we export directly to your social security office.

exportation des prestations

No more endless calculations at the end of the month.

You will save a lot of time. All the hours that are included in your timesheets come directly from the planning datas or the clocking in datas.

Logiciel de gestion horaires - Absences Disponibilités  Shyfter

Modify the timesheets.

Each hour listed in the timesheet can be changed as many times as you wish. You want to make an adjustment, add or even delete a time before sending your monthly hours, no worries, we have everything in place.

fiiches de prestations

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fiches de prestations

Export to your social security office

We support almost all social security offices and you can import your Shyfter data directly into your SSO interface in a few clicks.
This saves you a lot of time at the end of each month, but more importantly, it eliminates the need for double encoding and manual errors.

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They already save a tremendous amount of time every day