Work contracts and documents

Work contracts and documents

Your contracts and documents are personalized and ready to be signed through our mobile app.

Centralized and secure

All your documents are centralized in the cloud and hosted in an ultra-secure environment.

Document & contracts templates

Import your contract templates, addendums, documents and reuse them as many times as you want.

Online signing

Your employees sign their contracts online, directly through our Shyfter Staff app.

Everything is in one place. You choose your document or contract template and send it to your staff. All your employees have to do is sign the document.
No more running around for signatures! Standardize everything and make your life easier.

Contract management

Ordered & organized

It’s a pleasure to see all his contracts well sorted and classified by date, name, function … You will be more productive.

In the cloud

In the cloud

No more saving contracts in your emails, on whatsapp or everyhere on your computer. Everything is hosted in the cloud and available 24/7.

Contract templates

Contract templates

Create your own contract templates based on the status of your employees or even their function. Once saved, they can be used over and over again.

Sending of documents and signature reminders

The hunt for signatures is history.
As soon as a contract is created, your employees receive a notification and an e-mail. When they open to the mobile app, they are asked to sign the document. Then, the document is filed, stored and the managers also receive a copy.

MS Word import

Do you have existing contract? There is no need to copy everything. Import them and the data will be automatically replaced.

Document management


Send a work regulation and a addendum has never been easier. The advantage again is that everything is always available on the mobile app.

Selective sending

You select who you want to send your documents to: a group of people, a specific employee or everyone at the same time.

Online Signature

One of the features of document management is that you can ask your staff to sign the documents you send them. 

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