Punch clock and Time Tracking app for Dubaï.

Transform your company’s time management game with our cutting-edge, ultra-simplified app! Shyfter POS rocks the work world, whether on tablets or smartphones, making clocking in a breeze for your team, anywhere and anytime.

Bid farewell to old-school hassles and embrace a new dawn of convenience and flexibility in time tracking!

The Punch Clock

Launch into Shyfter POS in just 5 minutes! Turn any tablet – iPad or Android – into a state-of-the-art punch clock solution.

Just download, install, and bam! Your time tracking is live, ready to upend traditional time management in your workspace!

How to clocking, The Shyfter Way

Redefining clock-ins: Ditch those outdated badges! Shyfter POS lets your team punch in with just their personal PIN on the tablet – it’s that easy.

The app your employees will Love.

Our diverse clock-in options cater to everyone: simplicity rules with our Shyfter Staff mobile app, or go classic with a unique PIN on a dedicated tablet at work.

With Shyfter, time tracking isn’t just easy, it’s fun, fitting every work style like a glove!

Interactive Notifications

No more forgetting to clock in! Our software’s smart notifications nudge your team to badge at the right times, keeping everyone on track effortlessly.

Offline Mode

Connected vibes, even off the grid! Shyfter Staff’s mobile app goes 100% offline, letting you clock in and stay organized, no matter where you are. Productivity never takes a break with Shyfter!

Real-Time workhours tracking.

Harness the power of our advanced features for full operational control and crystal-clear transparency with your team. Shyfter blends oversight with insight for seamless, efficient staff management.


Keep an eye on your team’s GPS spots at clock-ins and breaks – all from our interface. Flexibility on tap: toggle this feature on/off as you wish. Simple, efficient, totally under your control.

Photo Check-In

Add a visual check to clock-ins with Shyfter: activate photo capture on the tablet for identity verification and dress code checks. Security and compliance, simplified.

Export reports your way.

Dive into the world of effortless report generation with Shyfter!

Imagine this: Less time crunching numbers, more time focusing on what really matters in your business. Shyfter doesn’t just promise efficiency; we deliver it, daily.

With a few clicks, Shyfter lets you create detailed, accurate records of your team’s work hours. This isn’t just data – it’s a roadmap to streamline your payroll processing, making every minute count.


#1 online scheduling software and time tracking and attendance app.

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