5 advantages of the planning software over Excel

Logiciels de gestion de planning

Excel is still often used by companies for many tasks, from HR planning to administrative tasks. However, there are generally better solutions. In HR, in particular, it would probably be wise to use a planning software. Here are 5 advantages offered by these tools.

Accelerate the scheduling process

Scheduling is a critical HR function and it can be time consuming. With online tools, you can schedule staff members in real time and in an easy way. You can also view everyone’s calendars and availability at any time.

Everything is centralized in a single interface, which greatly facilitates individual and collective management. Thus, the members of the human resources department have a clear global vision of the company’s situation and can work more efficiently.

Save time for other projects

When you use online scheduling software, you don’t have to spend hours on your computer entering data and manually updating schedules based on different shifts or days off.

What’s more, staff members can also interact with you in this platform, entering their work time or leave requests. This saves you valuable time.

You could then reallocate some of these hours to improve “employer branding” or boost productivity. You can also look for ways to increase revenue or streamline recruitment processes… The possibilities are endless!

Improve communication with your team

When you use scheduling software, it’s easy for everyone on your team to know their work schedules. This clear and healthy communication avoids confusion and reduces the risk of tension related to this aspect of work.

So if a staff member is unsure of their schedule, needs information, or wants to check on a particular day, it’s possible without having to consult a member of the human resources department.

This transparency also facilitates leave requests, potential salary discussions, and promotion requests.

Make your life easier

Centralized data is the key to your success when it comes to efficiently managing the working hours of your company’s employees and workers. By using a scheduling software, you benefit from this advantage.

You create a record for each staff member and you can associate them with different projects, allocate time, define their schedules, plan their vacations, optimize the management of their overtime and recovery time… all in one place!

Planning software: optimized for reporting

In addition to the ease with which you can enter and modify all personnel data, you can keep a global view of your resources.

Are all employees’ schedules full? Perhaps you need to hire new people? On the contrary, do some of your employees have free time in their schedule? You can expand your activities by increasing the number of clients.

You can also analyze the performance of your employees in terms of time management and determine why one person works faster than another on a similar project. Then, you can identify work processes to replicate in your company.


Scheduling software allows your company to facilitate and optimize the management of each employee’s work time. More transparent and simpler than Excel, this type of software also allows you to centralize everything.

A solution such as the one proposed by Shyfter, combining scheduling software and a digital time clock, can help you improve the efficiency of your HR management in every respect.