Staff management for fast food restaurants.

Do you run a fast-food or quick service restaurant? Masterfully plan your staff, oversee and improve your activity according to your goals with Shyfter.

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Leave Requests

Just like absence requests, we incorporate your employees’ leave requests via Shyfter Staff. You then simply validate them or not!

Our punch clock, the future best friend of your fast-food.

Managing your staff becomes so simple with Shyfter.

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Autonomy starts here.

Shyfter’s features are designed to optimize your time management. You grant a certain autonomy to your teams while maintaining control, making the process incredibly simple.

Our Shyft Market tool allows you to assign available slots to the people of your choice. Several collaborators can apply for the same vacant slot, leaving the final choice in your hands.

With Shift Swap accessible from our mobile app, your employees can exchange their slots in case of last-minute unavailability. No worries, you maintain control by approving or refusing the shift exchange request from your employees.

Don't neglect your productivity anymore.

Productivity is a central point in Shyfter. We have developed indicators that allow you to plan the necessary staff according to your objectives and human resource needs.

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We've thought of everything. Even that.

Get the right person, where and when needed.

With Shyfter, you can integrate your staff’s specific skills (bar, service, cash register, kitchen, etc.), which facilitates the assignment of qualified staff according to your business needs.

It's time to simplify your worklife.

At Shyfter, we are happy to support you with two options.

The first, a free account, offers basic features to give you a taste.

The second option consists of a personalized 20-minute demonstration. During this session, we will assess together whether Shyfter meets your needs.