Planning software for flexible and variable schedules

Do your staff’s schedules change all the time?
Choose Shyfter and easily adapt your schedule to the rhythm of your activity.

Manage students, extras and flexi-jobs

Calculate work hours

Plan faster and without errors

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Shyfter brings together all features for all industries.

For your staff

Schedules available 24/7

With our mobile application, your staff keeps their schedules with them. They are notified of when there is a new schedule or a change in the schedule.

Booking of free shifts

Depending on their availability, your flexible employees book the shifts that interest them. And just like that, your schedule fills up!

Swap shifts between employees

Make it even easier by letting your employees exchange shifts with each other, with your prior approval.

For managers

User-friendly design

Scheduling is no longer a headache. Thanks to our very intuitive and simple design, you can make your schedules in a very short time and in a playful way.

Linear and weekly planning

Shyfter offers several types of views: the weekly schedule for an overview of all your shifts and a linear schedule for the daily operations of your business.

Activity Reports

Save ultra-accurate reports on work times, leaves and absences. Create your own reports in different formats including XLS or CSV.

Integrated with your social secretariat

Integrated with your social secretariat

No more double encoding and transcription errors, we export the timesheets directly to your social security office. Shyfter automatically calculates night hours, overtime and other specifics per sector. You keep full control on what you wish to send to your social secretariat.


Using a tablet or directly with the Shyfter Staff application, you can track the working time of your employees.

Let's try Shyfter

Let's try Shyfter

No more headaches with schedules, your account can be ready in minutes.

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Save up to 20 hours a week

Avoid mistakes and start planning successfully by integrating Shyfter into your organization.




Take your schedules with you wherever you go.

Available free for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, the Shyfter Staff application is ideal for booking shifts and monitoring overtime balances and time off at any time.

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Used by hundreds of businesses.

Designed for companies from 5 to 500 people.
From fast food, to restaurants, to retail stores and event companies, Shyfter adapts to your needs.

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… and over 1,000 other happy customers

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Our mission is to save your time​

Our main goal is to provide you with a series of state-of-the-art features that will help you save time by avoiding errors and double-coding. We also want to make it fun to manage staff schedules and HR.

Work contracts

Shyfter centralizes contracts and work documents. The documents and contracts are signed online. They are available 24/7 for both the employer and the employee. Important documents are always available.

Leave management

Leave and absence management is a complex task. Monitor leave status of your staff on a daily basis and digitize their leave requests.


One of our priorities is to be ultra-connected. We have connections to POS systems, payroll engines, all Belgian social secretariats, accounting software, …