Scheduling Software for Businesses with Flexible and Fixed Hours.

Whether you need variable or fixed schedules, Shyfter is the top software for planning and managing schedules.

Our features are designed to perfectly adjust to your company’s requirements, offering you all the necessary solutions for optimal management of your employees and team scheduling.


Plan more easily and without error.

Shyfter makes your work easier! We provide a range of features and the best management tools. We save time by avoiding errors and double-entry.

Simple, Intuitive, and Fun

Managing your human resources is a breeze with our ultra-intuitive interface for managing your schedules.

Online Interface Accessible 24/7

Take your scheduling everywhere you go! You and your employees have access to Shyfter at any time via the mobile app.

For teams with variable and fixed schedules.

We provide a complete range of solutions designed to optimize the management of your resources and the organization of your teams’ schedules, regardless of the type of hours.

Collaborative with access management

A transparent software, designed for you and your variable teams. You control the degree of autonomy you want to delegate to your staff, allowing for personalized and efficient management.

Automatic generation of schedules

Thanks to our schedule templates, your company’s schedules are generated automatically, taking into account your employees and resources.

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Everything you need, in one place.

Welcome to the 21st century of scheduling.

Master your performance and productivity.

With its advanced productivity analysis feature, Shyfter facilitates the planning and organization of schedules. It indicates, hour by hour, the required resources, as well as the number of people and workers to plan.

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Collaborative scheduling based on your team's availability.

Depending on their schedule and availability, your collaborators can choose online the shifts that interest them.

This method centralizes everything in one place, simplifying planning and allowing companies that use variable and flexible staff to plan better.

Shift swapping between employees.

With our Shift Swap feature, schedule management is even easier!

Can’t make it to work? A project, a last-minute plan? No more endless WhatsApp conversations to replace an employee, we make it easier for you. Let your team of employees exchange work shifts with each other, with your prior agreement.

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Centralize your staff's HR data.

No more juggling between multiple management software!

With Shyfter, you have easy access to your document folder. All your data, including that of your employees and resources, are grouped in a cloud folder dedicated to your company, all hosted in a highly secure environment.

Handle payroll and reporting in the blink of an eye.

Produce ultra-accurate and customized reports on your employees’ services, perfectly suited to the needs of your business in France. These reports cover not only your teams’ working hours but also their leaves and absences.

Our tools greatly simplify the processes related to salary calculations and the establishment of pay slips, in accordance with French standards.

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An app to have your schedules in your pocket.

Available for free for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, the Shyfter Staff app allows not only your employees to book shifts but also to check at any time the balance of overtime hours and leave counters.