All your documents, in one place.

Shyfter, a leader in scheduling software, centralizes all your document management operations in one place for simplified management.

Choose the type of document to send to your team, customize it with the required information, send it, and it’s done.

Your files are then securely stored on our online platform, accessible at any time.

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Communicate with your teams.

Shyfter, much more than a simple document manager, transforms your internal communication. In just a few minutes, from our intuitive interface, convey your messages clearly and effectively.

Communicate with your team quickly, while maintaining a clear separation between private and professional life.

Your documents at your fingertips.

Shyfter makes managing company documents easy. Import your contract amendment templates and other essential files directly onto our platform.

Once imported, customize them according to your specific needs. Our selective sending feature then allows you to choose recipients based on their status in the company, ensuring targeted and effective communication.

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A secure cloud.

Goodbye to managing multiple software simultaneously!

The Shyfter solution offers centralized access to your document file. All data of your employees and resources are grouped in a specific folder in the cloud dedicated to your company, hosted in an ultra-secure environment.

No more endless folders and files, the Shyfter software simplifies your daily life.

Your contract amendments.

To modify an employee’s contract, drafting an amendment is often necessary. With Shyfter, sending and managing these amendments becomes a breeze.

Moreover, if you need to have a work regulation signed by a collaborator, our software offers a practical and effective solution. Once your employees have validated these documents with their electronic signature, continuous access to all your files is guaranteed via our mobile app, facilitating document management and ensuring optimal organization.

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Shyfter va révolutionner votre façon de travailler.

Chez Shyfter, nous sommes heureux de vous accompagner avec deux options.

La première, un compte gratuit, offre des fonctionnalités de base pour vous donner un avant-goût.

La seconde option consiste en une démonstration personnalisée de 20 minutes. Durant cette session, nous évaluerons ensemble si Shyfter répond à vos besoins.