Make leave and absence management easier.

We make administrative tasks related to leave and absences easier!

In addition to providing you with the best scheduling management software, we offer an essential feature for businesses, allowing you to manage your collaborators’ leave and absence days, all to make your task easier.

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Your employees request their leave with one click.

Are your employees planning a vacation?

With our management tool and the features of our software, users can easily request their leave via the mobile interface.

As an employer or manager, you immediately receive a leave request notification, allowing you to proceed with validation, refusal, or postponement depending on the availability of your human resources.

Hey, what's my leave balance?

With Shyfter, your collaborators’ leave balances are automatically adjusted in real time, according to work schedules.

Detailed counters provide a precise view of different types of leave (legal, extra-legal, …). Furthermore, our solution avoids payroll calculation errors related to leave, thus simplifying the management of pay slips.

Your employees can easily and in real time access their information on the mobile app, avoiding the need to contact you for details related to absences, overtime, and leave balances.

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Fully digitalized absence requests.

In addition to leave requests, our tools give your staff the ability to submit absence requests or modify their schedules via the Shyfter Staff mobile app.

In case of illness, no worries, to justify their absence, employees can easily send their medical certificates via the Shyfter Staff app.

In short, ultra-simple absence management.

A leave management software made for you.

Shyfter’s features offer you an essential solution for managing your activity. Each new leave or absence request related to your company will reach you via a notification. You can then perform validation or rejection through a clear and intuitive interface, thus optimizing your time management.

To simplify leave planning, Shyfter displays information related to other absence requests and approved leaves for the same period. This prevents having too many employees on vacation at the same time.

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It's time to simplify your worklife.

At Shyfter, we are happy to support you with two options.

The first, a free account, offers basic features to give you a taste.

The second option consists of a personalized 20-minute demonstration. During this session, we will assess together whether Shyfter meets your needs.