How can you optimize your management for employees days off?

Managing vacations, like managing working hours, requires considerable human resources and schedules. It can also become a real headache as your company grows and the number of employees increases. Here are our tips to help youoptimize your vacation management.

Tip 1 : Anticipate leave requests as far as possible

Absence and leave management is designed to simplify leave requests, inform employees about their leave balances and limit errors in HR management.

Within a company, it’s vital to know when employees take their vacations. This enables you toorganize your schedule accordingly, so that you have sufficient staff resources to carry out the various tasks at hand. That’s why it’s so important to be able to manage leave efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, in the event of an employee’s absence, it’s important to ensure that the information is properly disseminated. Indeed, such a situation is likely to give rise to all kinds of difficulties if the information has not been taken into account sufficiently in advance. Notification by e-mail can help you to adapt and reorganize.

Tip 2: Establish fair and equitable rules

Setting clear leave rules must be straightforward, and all employees must be well-informed on the subject. What’s more, the fact that decisions are seen by all as transparent and fair helps to build trust within the company.

By doing so, you’ll speed up the decision-making process when it comes to leave requests. Since the internal regulations clearly define the provisions in this area, responses to such requests are generally easy to provide.

Tip 3 : Objective decision-making for all leave requests

Vacation planning can be a complex task for those in charge. However, it is imperative that there are no delays, otherwise the company’s organization will be jeopardized. This will make it easier to know whether to grant or refuse a leave request, for example. And having thought through all the issues in advance will help to avoid deadlocks later on.

So you always know who’s available for work, and when. This means you can organize work and distribute tasks appropriately. You no longer suffer from staff shortages, and you can, if necessary, hire temporary workers to help you fill any labor gaps.

Take advantage of real-time monitoring with schedule management software

Managing your employees’ time off can be made easier by using scheduling software. This type of software helps you centralize data on all your employees/workers, organize their various working hours and manage many HR aspects.

Thanks to the Shyfter solution, as soon as a leave request is accepted, it is immediately and automatically added to the schedule.

You can monitor everyone’s schedules in real time, and look ahead to the coming months to determine whether or not time off can be granted, without risking being too understaffed to keep up with the day-to-day tasks at hand.

Shyfter offers you powerful, easy-to-use scheduling software to help you with these daily tasks. Thanks to our tool, you can optimize the management of absences, vacations and the overall availability of your staff members.