We handle clockings forgetfulness for you.

Worried that your employees might forget to clock in?

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything.

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Automatic closure of clock-ins.

If one of your employees forgets to close their clock-in, don’t worry.

As a scheduling management software, Shyfter automatically closes the clock-in using the end of the planned shift.

Simple and effective to prevent forgetfulness.

We send reminders to your employees.

At Shyfter, we have set up interactive notifications to minimize clock-in forgetfulness.

You can then, via our interface, schedule notifications whenever you want, to signal the start and end of a shift, but also to prevent potential check-in check-out forgetfulness.

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breaks management

Keep control of breaks.

It can happen that your users forget to clock in during their break.

Depending on your preferences, we can automatically add a break to the shift or the clock-in of your collaborator.

Convenient, isn’t it?

We also round clockings.

Shyfter, the #1 scheduling management software for businesses, has several types of rules.

Indeed, if you wish, you can round the clock-ins at the start, end, and during breaks.

If a person clocks in a few minutes before or after the scheduled time, it will automatically round the clock-in up or down.

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It's time to simplify your worklife.

At Shyfter, we are happy to support you with two options.

The first, a free account, offers basic features to give you a taste.

The second option consists of a personalized 20-minute demonstration. During this session, we will assess together whether Shyfter meets your needs.