Ultra-accurate attendance reports.

Save yourself the time loss associated with payroll calculations, which impact payroll management.

Create your reports very precisely, directly from our interface.


Keep an eye on your staff's performance.

With our scheduling management software, create very precise reports on working hours, leaves, and absences of your collaborators.

After generating the reports, payroll processes become much simpler and faster, giving you significant time savings to focus on other tasks.

No more double entry.

Thanks to our software, time tracking data are recorded very precisely. No need for manual encoding on Excel anymore, your reports and service sheets are generated automatically within our scheduling management software.

Say goodbye to payroll calculation errors on pay slips. Your employees will be delighted, and so will you.

report excel
notification reports

Export them with just one click.

Shyfter, our scheduling management software, adjusts to your needs for optimal adaptation. Get ready, as our solution even prepares you for payroll.

Moreover, these reports are generated automatically, and all you have to do is download them in the format of your choice, be it XLS or CSV.

Decide when to grant them.

Generate ultra-accurate customized reports on your employees’ services within your activity. These reports include data related to the worked time of your employee teams, as well as their leaves and absences.

With our tools, processes and tasks related to payroll calculations and pay slips are much simpler to perform.


Are you ready ?

At Shyfter, we are happy to support you with two options.

The first, a free account, offers basic features to give you a taste.

The second option consists of a personalized 20-minute demonstration. During this session, we will assess together whether Shyfter meets your needs.