Shyfter planning software – an online shared planning tool

To give your employees autonomy and a clear view of their working hours at all times, it’s a good idea to create an online shared schedule. To help you with this, Shyfter has created a high-quality scheduling software package. Here are the advantages for your company.

Why create an online shared schedule for your HR management?

In your company, roles differ among your employees. So it’s only logical that schedules are often different too. That’s why, for optimum time management , it’s often necessary to create a shared online schedule.

This type of schedule helps your employees to know their working hours and those of their colleagues at all times. It also enables them to indicate their availability, absences, vacations, etc.

Finally, it helps you, as a member of the HR department or management, to know everyone’s schedules and to know :

  • If you can assign new tasks to your employees
  • If you can increase your customer portfolio
  • If you have to hire because your employees are too busy
  • What you have to pay in benefits for each employee
  • Etc.

Forget about free tools for creating your shared online schedule!

DoodleGoogle Calendar… these are all familiar names. These free planning tools are often very useful when it comes to coordinating teams in a small work structure, but they quickly show their limitations.

Instead, opt for 100% dedicated scheduling software. With this system, you’ll benefit from :

  • Centralized data: all your employees’ information is available in a single tool. You benefit from clarity in HR management.
  • Increased automation of HR-related tasks: automatic task creation, automated reportingbenefit sheets calculated and created according to predefined templates, direct links with your social secretariat… all features that make your work easier and faster.
  • Complementary to your digital time clock: the connection between your time clock system and your scheduling software helps you minimize human error (fraud?) and guarantees permanent accuracy in tracking working hours.

The Shyfter solution helps you manage your teams’ schedules

At Shyfter, through our scheduling application, we offer you additional integrations that are very useful for your HR department:

  • notification andalert system to keep your employees informed at all times of shifts that become available.
  • mobile application dedicated to your tool, so you can take it with you wherever you go (in your various locations, on site, homeworking, etc.).
  • time clock directly linked to the planning software
  • Automatic creation and export of your service records
  • A tool for creating and managing administrative documents and employment contracts
  • communication and messaging tool to facilitate contact between team members and between different hierarchical levels.

By choosing our tool to create a shared online schedule, you can be sure of total security and ease of use.

By combining our state-of-the-art digital time clock, accessible via tablet or smartphone, with our software, you can be sure of being able to manage and access the working hours of all your employees at any time and from any place!