A top-notch Punch clock.

The Shyfter time clock offers numerous advantages that will simplify your work life as a manager.

Ready to save time managing your business? You’re in the right place.

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Installed in just 5 minutes.

Don’t waste your time with complicated time tracking software.

With the Shyfter time clock, everything is done online through an app to install.

Your collaborators then have the option to clock in via a tablet at the workplace by identifying themselves with their personal PIN code.

The time clock app is installed in just 5 minutes, and you’re all set.

Calculate the actual time worked to the minute.

With our time tracking solution, you benefit from ultra-accurate performance reports.

Keep an eye on planned hours, actual work hours, and breaks recorded by the time clock.

Say goodbye to complicated calculations, Shyfter is the ideal tool, providing unmatched accuracy on your employees’ working time.


Smile, we're taking a photo.

Controlling your employees’ dress code can always be useful at your workplace.

With our time tracking software, you can activate a photo capture feature at clock-in. From then on, each time someone clocks in and takes a break on the punch clock, a photo of your collaborator will be taken.

This also allows you to verify the identity of your employees at their schedule, just to make sure it’s not the nice colleague clocking in for someone else 😉.

Sign contracts in the blink of an eye.

Our solution offers several advantages, especially when using the time clock.The Shyfter time tracking software automatically checks if your workers are in compliance with their employment contract. Moreover, your human resources can sign their contracts before each clock-in thanks to our ultra-simple and intuitive interface.
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It's time to simplify your worklife.

At Shyfter, we are happy to support you with two options.

The first, a free account, offers basic features to give you a taste.

The second option consists of a personalized 20-minute demonstration. During this session, we will assess together whether Shyfter meets your needs.

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