About Shyfter.

Shyfter is a SaaS HR-Tech company founded in 2019.

Shyfter focuses on solving staff scheduling issues through its cutting-edge web and mobile applications.

In a nutshell, Shyfter saves considerable time by optimizing all the tedious tasks related to employee scheduling and HR. Available in multiple languages, Shyfter primarily focuses on optimization and decision support in terms of schedule management.

At the Forefront of Technology.

Shyfter’s features are centered on two main aspects. The first is the optimization of staff schedule management and the second, human resources management.

Shyfter enables more efficient staff scheduling. The primary focus being time-saving, most clients save on average more than 5 hours per week while planning better and controlling staff costs.

A unique aspect of Shyfter is that most legal rules are pre-encoded, which helps avoid scheduling errors (excess hours, breaks, work time constraints, etc.).

Shyfter also considers staff skills, task management, site-specific scheduling as well as time tracking and work time recording (on-site and remote).

Shyfter provides its clients with a highly modern and ultra-intuitive interface, making schedule management almost fun.

The Beginning... A Personal Need

The SaaS solution Shyfter was born from the need of its founder who encountered employee scheduling problems in a franchise active in the food distribution sector.

In 2017, he created software to better manage his employees’ schedules. This quickly became successful among other franchisees of the group.

A dream team.

The team expanded, and Shyfter.co now includes several dedicated teams working hand in hand.

The “Development” team is in charge of the tool’s constant improvement.

The “Sales” team handles all new client requests.

The “Customer Experience” team responds, trains, assists, and takes care of our clients on a daily basis.

The “Marketing” team ensures staying at the forefront in terms of communication and image (but not only… we can’t reveal everything).