Time clock and time tracking app.

Time tracking in your company with the online Shyfter time clock? Nothing could be easier, as an employer you benefit from numerous advantages and time management will have no more secrets for you!

On a tablet or smartphone, your collaborators can clock in at their workplace or while on the move.

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Punch Clock. Awesome.

More than just a simple scheduling solution, Shyfter is a highly complete software, installed in just 5 minutes: simply download the app, install it on a tablet (iPad or Android) and that’s it, your time clock is ready!

How to clock in?

One of the advantages of our system is that no physical badge is needed! Your collaborators can clock in on the tablet upon arrival using their personal PIN code.

The app made for your employees.

We offer several time tracking options for more flexibility: your employees can do it directly from their smartphone using the Shyfter Staff mobile app or with a tablet present at the workplace, using an individual PIN code.

Interactive notifications

To prevent your employees from forgetting to use the time clock, you can set up notifications via our software that are sent to them before the start and/or end of their shift.

Offline mode

No connection? No problem! The Shyfter Staff mobile app is designed to work with a 100% offline version.

Contract signing

Your human resources have the possibility to sign their contracts before each clock-in, via the time clock. A simple, effective tool.

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Track hours in real time.

With the quality features developed by Shyfter, you keep control over your activity and schedules. All this, in full transparency towards your teams of collaborators.


GPS position can be displayed at each clock-in or break on our interface. It’s very practical to know where your employees have clocked in. This feature can be disabled at any time.

Photo capture at clock-in

You can choose to activate the capture of a photo at each clock-in or break on the tablet. This feature is a good way to identify your workers or ensure that the dress code is respected.

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Shyfter revolutionizes time tracking.

Don’t wait any longer. Take control, save time, and manage your staff and their schedules like a pro, with our software and its many features.

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