Case study: the “BaraBar”, the reference

A Brussels institution for 30 years, the BaraBar (Barab’ to its friends) is a mythical place where you can have a drink before, during and after … and 7 days a week. Needless to say that the atmosphere is always there.

Miguel Carvalho has been using Shyfter for some time now and tells us about its features and how he uses Shyfter on a daily basis.

Target N°1 : Replace this good old Excel !

In spite of its hundred employees, the schedules were still managed in a very basic way, notably by using Excel files. Communication, when it was done via various Whatsapp groups, was far from optimal.

Miguel reveals the most used features for him in his daily management:

  • Planning via “Free Shifts”,
  • Dimona management in automatic mode
  • Follow-up via the mobile application

Free shifts, the grail of planning

A free shift is a time slot that needs to be filled and is not yet assigned to a specific person. It is a “floating” shift that is finally waiting to be booked.

At the beginning of the week, dozens of shifts are prepared and placed in the application. These shifts can be coupled with skills (Bar, Kitchen, Entrance, Cloakroom, …) to ensure that the employee who will book it can work efficiently, a kitchen employee may not be the best bartender.

When these shifts are approved, they are sent directly to the employees who have the right skills and are not already working. It’s super efficient, the schedule fills up automatically.

A little anecdote, in the long run the employees know more or less the time when their manager will approve these free shifts and are literally on the alert to book them.
The current record is 200 shifts booked per minute… Imagine the time you would have spent doing all this work by hand 🙂

The Dimona … in one click

Miguel explains that before each opening, his team had to collect the data of all the staff, check and find the right national numbers for each person and then encode the Dimona one by one on the ONSS website, a phenomenal waste of time.

“You press a button, everything goes … and everything is done”. That’s exactly how it happens.

Thanks to our automatic Dimona, as soon as a shift is added to the schedule or a reservation is made via a free shift, Shyfter checks whether the employee, student, extra or flexi has an active Dimona.
If not, a Dimona is sent to the NSSO and everything is in order. This is an excellent way to always be in order and especially to avoid late Dimona.

Top monitoring with the Shyfter Staff app

A mobile application is available free of charge to all users, whether they are managers, students or employees.
Miguel manages almost all his activity, in any case everything that concerns planning and HR management, via the mobile application.
At any time, he can see and be warned when something is missing, in the emergency he can also publish or modify a shift at the last minute.

Don’t waste any more time and do like Miguel, switch to Shyfter now.

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