Case study: Burger King, when Whopper rhymes with Shyfter

In 2017, the famous American chain Burger King arrived in Belgium, opening its first restaurant in Antwerp. With almost 60 restaurants open in Belgium, the famous and inimitable Whopper has managed to conquer the market, and it’s not about to stop!

Sébastien de Messemaeker, manager of the Burger King franchisee in Leuven, explains in a few words how Shyfter won him over in terms of planning management!

Free shifts, the key to autonomy

A free shift is a time slot that has yet to be filled by an employee. It’s a “floating” shift waiting to be booked by an employee.

For Sébastien, it was this free shift feature that convinced him to use Shyfter, since he works with a lot of students. At the beginning of the month, he publishes the various free shifts for the whole month, i.e. he creates time slots when he will need students. Once the time slots have been published, students can then choose the shifts that suit them best, according to their availability.

The result? Total autonomy for employees, who can manage their schedules as they see fit, and a motivated team, since students choose when they work. But above all, an incredible time-saver for Sébastien, who doesn’t have to take into account the constraints, courses and activities of each of his students.

“The working method was different and it just seemed obvious!”

Simplified organization based on skills

With Shyfter, when the employer integrates his staff, it is possible to assign skills (kitchen, bar, dishwashing, service, cashiering, etc.) to workers, according to their aptitudes. Indeed, not all workers can do everything within a company, and thanks to the skills integrated into Shyfter, the allocation of shifts is simplified.

When Sébastien prepares his schedules at the beginning of the month, he selects the specific skills required to cover the various free shifts. Then, only workers with the required skills can reserve free shifts for the corresponding skills. As Sébastien puts it, “And then it’s on”!

“I totally recommend Shyfter”

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