Summer students – Why hire them?

The economic recovery will allow many employers to offer jobs to students or temps again. Are you one of them? Then keep the following in mind.

The health crisis and two lockdown periods have had a strong impact on businesses, temporarily putting thousands of people out of work and even forcing governments to grant unemployment benefits to freelancers. 

But students and temporary workers were also affected by the crisis, as the number of job offers was much reduced compared to previous years.

However, with the gradual reopening of the stores and the commercial objective of the summer, we can expect a massive commitment from the retail world, which will need to recruit more of this type of profile.

Who is considered a student worker?

“Not all students can work as student employees. The following conditions must be met if you wish to employ a student under the 475-hour scheme at a favourable NSSO rate:

The young person must be a student in his or her main capacity. It is therefore not possible to work as a student if you are attending evening classes or any other form of education with a limited learning plan. Students in work-study programs may be eligible if they do not receive unemployment or integration benefits.

There are also age requirements. The student must be at least 16 or 15 years old and have completed the first two years of secondary school.”

The goal is that the student performs his or her work outside of his or her training hours. In principle, the normal working hours are 8 hours per day on average and a maximum of 38 hours per week, although there are exceptions. The maximum number of hours a student can work per year is 475 hours.

Note, however, that you can only use flexible labor once your permanent employees have returned to work.

Once the contract is signed

The student jobist contract is a written fixed-term contract between an employer and a student. The student undertakes to perform paid work under the authority of the employer. It is necessary to provide student workers with a copy of the work rules and to have them sign a receipt.

As far as the remuneration is concerned, Acerta informs that the students are entitled to at least the sectorial scale and that the employer must also intervene in the commuting of the jobist. Students are also subject to 8.13% solidarity contributions if the above-mentioned conditions are met. However, the rules regarding holiday pay and guaranteed pay are somewhat more complex.

How to organize the schedule of a student or a temporary worker?

The arrival of summer is a sign of a great commercial stake but also sometimes a great source of stress for the manager of a store, supermarket. Indeed, the annual turnover is mostly determined during this period. It is important to organize your staff well so that these few days are a success. 

Shyfter’s scheduling and clocking software, as well as its mobile app, allow employers who wish to do so to organize the schedule of their entire team. Whether it’s permanent workers or students/interim workers. 

Each cost is detailed and each leave is counted and organized in a clear schedule. This is transmitted directly to your employees and can be printed and displayed in your premises.
The schedules or time and attendance data are directly converted into a time sheet. In addition, Shyfter directly integrates the performance and salary codes of your social partner or payroll administrator. This makes it easier for you to transmit data. Everything is automated, which eliminates any risk of encoding errors.

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