The most creative excuses every manager would like to receive.

“I’m late”, “My alarm didn’t go off”, “I forgot I was working” … “I went out yesterday, I’m sick” …

Which employer has not had to deal with this kind of challenge in his company? How many times have you not received a text message or WhatsApp, just minutes before the start of the shift to tell you that someone will not be there?

Fortunately, there are still creative minds out there. Workers who put in a little extra effort and entertain us with their well-crafted excuses. Of course, there are the brutally honest, the strange and the unbelievable. And yet it’s true!

It’s a gift, read on to find the best and most original excuses, but more importantly find out how you can find a replacement quickly and without stress.

Creative health-related excuses

Health issues are the most accepted by managers, but they are also the most feared. The messages are often too graphic and give too much information. You might even get a picture of the person bedridden as evidence. These are our favorites.

“I was out fishing for catfish. My friend cast his line and his big hook went right into my nose and ripped my nose off. The hook penetrated the length of my skull just above my eye. The ER doctors removed the hook, but my nose is excessively swollen and both my eyes are swollen almost shut.”

“I tripped over my grandmother’s dog and slapped my face on the kitchen cabinets.”

“I’m sick and won’t be here for three days. I know off the top of my head that I’m not going to get better for a few days, so I don’t want to have to call you every day.”

“I caught fire.”

“My wife said I needed a mental health day.”

“My brother got hit by a train and I have to go pick him up.”

“I can’t make it today boss. I got kerosene poisoning from doing my Zen breathing routine.”

“I recently ate some bad take-out food and felt like a gnome was using a knife to stab my abdomen.”

Creative family-related excuses

Close to the health issues, here are the excuses about family members.

“My only grandmother’s grandson passed away.”
“I have to help my grandmother find her medicine.”
“My child was expelled and I have to pick him up from school.”

Creative excuses for animals

And of course, if it wasn’t a family member who died, it was probably an animal that caused problems.

“I locked the door on my cat on my way out and I have to take her to the vet.”

“My mother-in-law’s cat died.”

“A horse is blocking my garage door, so I can’t get out.”

“I’m on my way, but I’m going to be late. There’s an injured bird by the bridge and I’m waiting for the cops to arrive.”

“I’m going to be late. I saw a hedgehog crossing the road and I stopped to help it.”

Creative excuses for transportation

These excuses become more interesting when it’s not just because of traffic.

“I was in a car accident and am currently upside down in a ditch, my car needs to be cut up by the fire department!”

“I’m stuck on the highway, it looks like something happened because there are people walking around in yellow jumpsuits with masks on. It must be a chemical spill.”

“A garbage truck parked in front of my driveway, so I’ll be late. I’m just waiting for them to move.”

Creative excuses

Finally, we have random excuses, either too good to not burst out laughing, or too bad, leaving you completely stunned.

“I was abducted by aliens, they experimented on me for months before being placed back on earth at the exact time I was abducted, but unfortunately, they were five minutes late, which made me miss the bus.”

“I didn’t make it back. I’m in Vegas and I hit the jackpot.”

“My upstairs neighbor’s toilet fell through the roof onto our bed while we were sleeping.”

“I forgot to file my taxes. I have to stay home and do them.”

“It’s too nice outside to work inside.”

“Oh, I didn’t think you expected me to come back.”

The real reasons according to Jobat

The real reasons for their tardiness are markedly different. According to workers who participated in the survey, the top reasons for arriving late to work are:

Traffic jams/traffic: 31%
Didn’t hear the alarm clock: 18
Bad weather: 11
Dropping children off at school or daycare: 8% Other reasons: delayed public transportation, late arrival at work: 10

Other reasons: delayed public transportation, pets to care for, spouse or malfunctioning appliances.

Source :

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